faces of new americans


For the past several weeks I have been reviewing materials I gathered for my project and am reworking the step-outline for my film. My research material ranges from text to photographs and video. They capture bits and pieces of the heroic nine month struggle of the Green movement in Iran.  Revisiting this pile of information and images is both overwhelming and emotionally taxing, so I am hitting a bit of a creative block. While on creative pause, I am reading Albert Camus’s short stories.

Camus’s characters fascinate me. They never realize a state of perfect reconciliation between the cultures they live in and adopt. Their loyalties are divided and they are at painful odds with people around them. They long to be reborn and become free of suffering, but they have only themselves to rely on.

My archetypal characters run into a similar dilemma because they choose to cross borders and leave their home behind. This is where I think reading Camus might spark new insights as I am reexamination my narrative structure. It is a bit like taking side roads instead of the familiar. It keeps me in anticipation of what I might come up with and whether or not it will translate to the audience. An important part of filmmaking to me is finding a visual language that is expressive of the social and cultural influences in my life. I am a bit uneasy to see what this will bring me. But what is new, I have been on the edge since I landed in America.

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