faces of new americans


While in New York I paid homage to Ground Zero. It looked very tragic and noisy with the construction trucks busy at the site.  I could not help but feel the gravity of the 9/11 event in my gut and how it might have impacted the people who witnessed it first hand:  Soon after, I came across a beautifully written text by Max Blagg in Fall 2010, Aperture magazine.  “I feel propriety about the Twin Towers because I was walking my daughter to school that morning, five hundred yards south of where the first plane went in. It still enrages me, that they were so close to us, to her. I’d block their path to paradise if I could.. ……We are supposed to look back at the past without regret, but who can dismiss the sorrow that morning brought? And the years since, the persecution and  destruction of Iraq, the unnumbered dead who won’t see this blue sky today or rain tomorrow.”

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